something new to say

Coming soon… “something new to say” – the 2nd title in my ‘words of spirit and faith’ series.

This time the liturgy resources are for Advent and Christmas: poems and prayers, blessings and reflections.

It will be available as an ebook from Amazon’s Kindle Store in mid-May.SNTS Cover 1

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you who delight me now an ebook

News flash!

Available from 1 May 2017, “you who delight me” is now for sale as an ebook. Buy your Kindle version now, from or

Plus a new volume of Advent and Christmas liturgical resources is in preparation. Be ready to purchase the new ebook soon!

You Who Delight Me front cover graphic.jpg

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why do you care?

My daughter, the artist behind azolloza art, has been listening to small business marketing & strategy podcasts while feeding baby or when toddler naps. She tells me an artist, crafter, hobbyist or small business person needs a blog. She says people like to know who they’re buying from, and what they like and are like, and where they do their creating.

If I want to sell stuff, it seems I have to blog about what I’m making, and post photos of my messy “craft area”, and describe the wool / fibre / textile / paint / glue / paper / tapestry wool, cotton, silk etc that I’m working with.

I need to post to Instagram and Pinterest and Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter and Etsy and GodKnowsWhereElse as well as selling via Felt and having this website that shows all my stuff in one place, and maybe individual websites for each of my art+craft things.

Apparently you want to know more about me than the things I’ve already shared: photographs, poetry, handcrafted greeting cards, knitted garments, tapestries, favourite quotes, resources about depression, and more. You want to know me better than you can by clicking the links to my other websites or following me up on social media.

bronzart - Bronwyn crafting

Now, I do believe that “Marketing is Everything”.

And if this is what it takes, I’ll blog about what I’m doing, instead of getting on and doing it, and you can see photos of me sitting on the sofa knitting or doing tapestry.

At present I’m using a miscellany of yarns – wool, acrylic, blended, pink, mauve, scarlet, red, grey, green – to make a hat for sale at my daughter’s kids’ play centre fair. When it’s finished, you can see a photo. Work in progress? Nah, coz I don’t know how it will turn out. Best not to raise your expectations…

handbag in progressHere’s a photo of another work-in-progress, though. (It’s finished now, and doesn’t look anything like it appears it will, although it gets lots of compliments.)

I hope you’re enjoying my first blog on the topic of “what I’m working on”, and I hope even more you’ll buy some of it. And yes, here’s the link:

But what I’d really like to know, dear prospective customer, is, “Why do you care?”

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“You are who you are when nobody’s watching.” – Stephen Fry

See more Stephen Fry quotes (and others) on my Favourite Quotes page

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New book: “Something new to say”

Buy now in Kindle or Paperback format from Amazon.

from Endless Advent:

“This year, may we enjoy this time of preparation, thrilling to angel song and sparkling lights, Snoopy’s Christmas and Silent Night; may the little boy drum for us, and the wise ones’ gifts be ours, as we birth each day the Christ of synagogue and stable. Let us be the gift we long for, after the paper’s discarded and the cards are put away…”

From Space for wonder:

“At this time of year, we can get caught up in the myth, the image of a baby as the fulfillment of hope rather than the start of a lifetime’s responsibility and care, the work of the village, not just the single parent or unstable family. So we hold all parents, all families in our hearts—the wounded and abused, the loved but uncared for, the grandparents exhausted from bringing up children when their own daughter or son is in prison or drug-dependent, mentally or physically unwell…”

from Where are the others?

“As we gather around the child of hope, we’re joined by a heavenly host; the kin-dom of heaven gathers with us—
But where are the others? The brothers and sisters, the half-brothers and step-sisters, the broken relations, torn-apart siblings, the unblended families, the reconstituted ones. All the children with bruises on their bodies; fathers with bruises on their psyches; mothers with bruises on their hearts? Here they are! The jailbird cousin and the crazy aunt. The depressed daughter who’s dragged herself out; the edge-of-hysteria, manic sister; the autistic grandson beind a haybale, rocking; the transgendered, the cis-gendered, the queer and the straight, the birth children and adopted children and fostered children; these fragile families of blood and of choice. All the whanau of Jesus: gathered to celebrate heaven on earth, in the promise of a child…”

SNTS Cover 1


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the right to express an opinion


“The problem with today’s world is that everyone believes they have the right to express their opinion AND have others listen to it.

“The correct statement of individual rights is that everyone has the right to an opinion, but crucially, that opinion can be roundly ignored and even made fun of, particularly if it is demonstrably nonsense!”

―Professor Brian Cox

Brian Cox

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what doesn’t kill you…

fave quotes

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3 funerals, no weddings, not-so-new website, not much writing…

So since I last posted here, I’ve been to three funerals – each one totally different from the others in style and content – and missed another funeral and a memorial service because I was just all “funeralled out”.

I’ve been knitting a lot, and blogging about knitted items on my not-very-new website and for sale via bronzart shop on felt.

The past year or so hasn’t been great for creativity, but I’m getting back into it now. Here are my plans for the next few months, so you can check on me if I don’t get onto them:

  1. Check out converting my book “you who delight me” to an ebook and selling online.
  2. Self-publishing another collection of writing as an e-publication (rather than through brilliant but costly publishers).
  3. Revisiting a novel I haven’t worked on since 2005. I kept copious notes, timeline, character descriptions etc – but I didn’t think clearly about plotting and need to find a resolution and meaningful ending.
  4. Keep on knitting: items for sale, winter woollies for my grandsons, and for an exhibition of the Kapiti Arts and Crafts Society, whose Facebook pages I curate.
  5. Take more photos. I mean, apart from the hundreds of my grandkids who are just too gorgeous and cute and smart and charming (of course!). I’m beginning to take cityscape and quirky images again. I’ll post a few recent ones here.

And I think that’s it for First Quarter resolutions.

If you’d like to check out my occasional knitting blogs, written in the imaginary voice of my real grandson, you can follow my Nanna Says posts.

And, depending on your hemisphere and beliefs (or lack of): Happy Easter – Blessed Samhain or Eostre – Shalom Pesach!

Blessings and peace. The light will return…


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quirky knits – new website

I’m about to launch my new website, little brother, big brother. It features my colourful handmade knitwear, on its own website.

Until now, you’ve been able to see my handiwork here on my knit wit page.

I came up with the name little brother, big brother because my gorgeous grandsons are modelling some of the kids’ clothes I’ve knitted – but I knit for adults, too.

And some novelty items, like Xmas decorations, cushion covers and flower brooches. Come on over and have a look.


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